ONNC 1.3.0 Release

2 min readMay 7, 2020


Release Note

ONNC framework

[New feature] ONNC supports new operators Clip, Max, Min, ReduceMean, and PRelu.

C Backend

[New feature] ONNC can compile models into C files.
[New feature] ONNC provides a library containing function implementation for 116 neural network operators defined in ONNX rel-1.3.0 specification.
[New feature] The ONNC library can call Intel MKLDNN library for accelerating the computation of convolution and Gemm (matrix multiplication) on Intel CPU.

Supported ONNX Operators

  • Support
  • Add
  • AveragePool
  • BatchNormalization
  • Concat
  • Conv
  • Clip new
  • Gemm
  • GlobalAveragePool
  • Identity
  • LRN
  • Max new
  • MaxPool
  • Min new
  • Mul
  • PRelu new
  • Relu
  • ReduceMean new
  • Reshape
  • Softmax
  • Sum
  • Transpose (use in ShuffleNet)
  • Unsqueeze

Supported ONNX Models




The Open Neural Network Compiler (ONNC), a compiler that connects Open Neural Network Exchange Format (ONNX) to every deep learning accelerator (DLA).